Adult Swimming Lessons in Toronto


Seal Swimming offers a progressive swimming program for students of all ages and abilities. Whether you or your child are just starting out, or you’re looking to develop your skills as a competitive swimmer, there’s a Seal Swimming class for you. 

The lifeguards and aquatic leaders at Seal Swimming are highly trained instructors who can work effectively with swimmers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. They provide high-quality and impactful learning experiences and techniques that are tailored specifically to the individual swimmer. 

Not sure where to start? Follow the guide below to learn more about our curriculum, and how to find the right class for your or your child’s needs.


Water Confidence

Adult Water Confidence offers swimming lessons for adults in Toronto. These classes are designed for adults with no previous swimming experience, nervous swimmers, or those who have had a negative experience in the past which has halted their swimming journey.

This program will give swimmers the confidence to get into the pool safely, be able to move through the water with confidence, control breathing in the pool and not panic if splashed. 

Water Confidence is the first of three stages for adults. 


Learn Freestyle

Learn Freestyle offers swimming lessons for adults and teens in Toronto. Designed for teens and adults who can't yet swim a stroke of freestyle or perhaps can swim 25m but then have to stop for a rest. 

This program progressively builds the stroke step by step to give you the chance to develop every individual element such as breathing, rotation and arm recovery. The process gradually brings the stroke together to develops coordination whilst you are wearing fins (flippers) before removing them at the end.

Learn Freestyle is the second of three stages for adults. 


Why choose Seal Swimming for your Adult Swimming Lessons

Our curriculum has been developed by Simon Easton with a team of teachers with a combined 50+ years of teaching experience. We use the most current swim teaching knowledge to provide students with the best learning methods from the moment they enter the water!

Beginning with foundational water safety skills such as how to safely enter and exit the water, breath control, floating and comfort is a primary part of our swimming lessons for all ages. Advancing from basic water safety skills, our swimmers become more confident and gain a feel for the water while learning at their own pace in an environment that emphasizes stroke and skill development.