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Group Swimming Lessons in Toronto: Our Curriculum

Seal Swimming offers a progressive swimming program for students of all ages and abilities. Whether you or your child are just starting out, or you’re looking to develop your skills as a competitive swimmer, there’s a Seal Swimming class for you. 

The lifeguards and aquatic leaders at Seal Swimming are highly trained instructors who can work effectively with swimmers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. They provide high-quality and impactful learning experiences and techniques that are tailored specifically to the individual swimmer. 

Not sure where to start? Follow the guide below to learn more about our curriculum, and how to find the right class for your or your child’s needs.

The Seal Swimming Curriculum 

The swimming lessons curriculum at Seal Swimming is a high-standard, progressive program that is unique in Canada. The goal at all stages is to provide tailored instruction for each individual student in the water, not to follow a checklist of requirements. 

Click through each of the following tabs to read about our swimming programs. Registration links for each stage can be found in the program description.

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Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers

Swimming lessons for kids 

Swimming lessons for adults 

Competitive swimming lessons

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Seal Swimming program prices 

Pricing varies depending on the number of classes per session. View the pricing table below for costs associated with each type of class and Seal Swimming location.

We offer pricing and memberships designed to work for your family. A 10% discount is automatically applied to the third family member registered, and a 15% discount is automatically applied to the fourth. All family members must be registered under the same transaction. 

Check out the program calendar for session dates and closures. 

Swim curriculum conversion chart 

The Seal Swimming curriculum is designed to align with programs offered by Lifesaving (Ultra Swim), Red Cross Swim and YMCA. Use the conversion chart below to find the Seal Swimming class associated with your or your child’s current swimming level. 

Click the “Register” link to book your spot in the program through the online portal. 

We're sorry! At this time, the Swim Curriculum Conversion Chart is only available on a desktop device.

Swim level assessment 

Not sure which swim level you or your child belong to? Fill out the form below to describe the swimmer’s experience level and comfort in the water. We’ll reach out to you directly with more information about which program best applies to your needs.