Baby and Toddler Swim Lessons in Toronto

At Seal Swimming we believe that swimming is essential, to build strong bodies, healthy minds, self-esteem, social skills and community values, as well as water safety awareness, leadership and accident prevention. There are so many benefits to early swimming instruction and baby aquatics even though your little one might not even be walking yet!

The earlier you get a baby into water, the less fear and apprehension they will develop towards the water as they grow. Swimming also improves confidence in other ways. Baby and toddler swimming lessons include water play, fun songs, toys and close contact with mom, dad or another trusted caregiver. Our classes foster a supportive and social community environment that encourages self-confidence and joy of learning a new skill. 

When your little one learns how to swim with us, they will be building the foundations and fundamentals of swim skills that will help them transition to lessons without parents. Baby swim lessons are a great start to teaching your child how to love and respect the water.

Baby Seal - Foundations

The Baby Seal Foundations program offers swimming lessons for babies in Toronto. It has been specifically designed to teach parents and babies all the skills they will need to know to be safe and have fun in and around the water. 


Foundations 1

Introduction to water for the first time for parents and babies.


Foundations 2

Progression of skills learning in Foundations 1 for babies developing motor skills.


Foundations 3

For parents and babies who have got the basics and are developing more confidence in the water.


Foundations 4

Upon completion of Foundations 4, babies will demonstrate comfort in the water and the ability to safely enter and exit the water independently.


Baby Seal - Fundamentals

The Baby Seal Fundamentals program offers swimming lessons for toddlers in Toronto. It’s a continuation of the Foundation stages, and is designed to teach fundamental movement skills in the water while giving parents and toddlers the confidence to become independent swimmers.

Fundamentals 1

Prepares swimmers to swim independently on their front and become more comfortable on their back.


Fundamentals 2

Builds upon fundamental movement skills and introduces correct body positioning in the water.


Fundamentals 3

Focuses on breathing naturally and rhythmically in the water and introduces independent swimming.


Fundamentals 4

Upon completion of Fundamentals 4, toddlers will have the ability to swim 5 metres on their front independently and on their back, with support.


Why choose Seal Swimming for your Baby Swimming Lessons

Our curriculum has been developed by Simon Easton with a team of teachers with a combined 50+ years of teaching experience. We use the most current swim teaching knowledge to provide students with the best learning methods from the moment they enter the water!

Beginning with foundational water safety skills such as how to safely enter and exit the water, breath control, floating and comfort is a primary part of our swimming lessons for babies and toddlers. Advancing from basic water safety skills, our little swimmers become more confident and gain a feel for the water that they will carry with them for life.